The Support on Separation group is a collection of professionals that have assembled to provide you with all the services you need as you worth through your separation.  DivorceSOS consists of lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, realtors and financial professionals.  Our goal is to service all of your needs as a team with an approach tailored to your specific case.  That way, your divorce lawyer can work closely with your realtor and the financial professional can assist with planning for the future or the tax ramifications resulting from your agreement or court order.  The Real Estate lawyer can assist in the transfer or sale of property and the Wills and Estates lawyer can update Wills and Powers of Attorney.  When needed, the team can meet collectively with you to address all of your concerns.


Meet our team of experts who will support and advocate for your rights every step of the way.
Our Financial Advisor is ready to identify and develop a strategic financial plan to protect you and your assets during this emotional time.
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Our Family Law Lawyer is ready to navigate through the choppy waters of divorce and separation with you to the optimal outcome for all parties involved.
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When the matrimonial house is no longer a home, our Real Estate Advisor will advise you on your next steps regarding your real estate assets.
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Every situation is different and the way that the law is applied to a situation will depend on the particular circumstances of each case.  It is important to be aware that some laws are different for married as opposed to unmarried couples.
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