Ways to resolve matters

There are various ways that parties can deal with the issues arising from the breakdown of their relationship once each of them knows what his or her rights and obligations are.

The easiest and least expensive resolution is what is commonly referred to as a kitchen table agreement. In that case, the parties agree amongst themselves generally how they want to resolve matters. They provide that general agreement to their lawyer and the lawyer Prepares a separation agreement. Thereafter, if they are married one of them may elect to file for an uncontested divorce.

If parties can’t quite reach a resolution on their own, they can either negotiate with lawyers, mediate Brackett with or without lawyers and Brackett or hire collaborative professionals to negotiate a resolution. If the parties elect to mediate, but are unable to resolve a dispute, they also have the opportunity to arbitrate.

The last option to resolve matters is to proceed to court.


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Every situation is different and the way that the law is applied to a situation will depend on the particular circumstances of each case.  It is important to be aware that some laws are different for married as opposed to unmarried couples.
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