Life Insurance

What happens to your Life Insurance?

Divorce does not automatically invalidate or change your life insurance policy. If you or your ex-spouse want to change your life insurance policies, such as who receives the death benefit, you must do so through the life insurance company. This is usually done online, over the phone, or via paper mail. The process for changing the beneficiary of your policy differs depending on the insurer. In most cases, only the policyholder can change the policy recipients.

However, suppose your ex-spouse was named as an irrevocable beneficiary on your policy. In that case, you’ll need their permission to remove them, as well as their approval for any other changes to your policy.


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Every situation is different and the way that the law is applied to a situation will depend on the particular circumstances of each case.  It is important to be aware that some laws are different for married as opposed to unmarried couples.
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