What to do with kids this summer as a divorcee/single parent

Summer is here and in full swing. For both divorced families and single parents alike, managing the summer vacation routine can be tougher than during the school year. Not only that, but there are financial implications that come along with summer vacation as well. We have explored options for you as a divorcee with kids.

Summer vacation can be particularly stressful on your wallet. Having your kids stay with you is amazing, but coping at half the income can be particularly challenging. That means challenges with day-to-day living during the summer.

Summer Vacation Can Be Costly for Divorced or Single Parents

For many, the idea of summer vacation is daunting and means spending money that simply is not there. No parent wants to have to deny their children a summer holiday. However, that doesn’t have to facilitate the need to deliver memorable results without sinking further into debt.

The very last thing any parent wants to do is increase credit card balances or even take out a loan to cover the costs of those vacations. Yes, you want to deliver a memorable summer experience, but at what cost?

The key to summer vacation as a divorcee with kids is creating lasting memories. Many times, the most memorable times we share are simple in nature. It is the emotional connections which drive those memories. That is why it is important for each parent to honour the financial limitations of the other. Creating a financial gap will not only hurt your ex, but it will create a major discrepancy in the experiences that your children have with each of you.

Fun Holiday Options to Consider

● Camping. There is nothing like campfire conversation under an evening of stars, plus learning to cook over a fire certainly creates lots of interesting challenges and dialog.

● Renting a pool for the backyard for a week and creating a summer vacation at home. Make sure you have a plan for each day so that household chores do not distract you.

● Volunteer as a family either in your hometown or in some other city or country. Perhaps helping a family build a home can certainly put things into perspective with regards to the haves and have not’s.

● Plan on going to see family. Perhaps the ex did not want to or did not get along with your family but maybe it is time for new beginnings in this regard.

● If you have a favourite place you love to go but you can no longer afford it — then consider still going but for less time. Memories do not need to take a week to get — perhaps a few days are good.

● Consider a fishing trip or a horseback-riding trip. There is nothing like connecting to nature to make us feel grounded, fortunate and blessed.

● Be creative, make the best of what you can afford.

Summer Vacation is all in the Planning

There is a saying and it really encapsulates creating a smooth summer with the kids. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” There is no question that co-parenting adds a level of complexity and stress to the planning. If you take the time to map out the summer months in advance, the reward will be well worth it. The irony is that planning meticulously actually allows you to live more freely and spontaneously in the moment as a divorcee with kids.

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